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Cruise118 is perfect for those seeking a cruising experience with a difference. Independent, passionate and reliable, they will inspire you to explore the world by sea and make sure you embark on a cruise holiday that is absolutely perfect for you.

We where asked to assist with a new direct mail campaign that featured their most popular upcoming destinations for the summer. Alongside this, we also created digital assets for their social media channels and a host of new email templates.

Getting digital

The new email templates where quite aggressive and sale driven. We kept them simple in order to entice the customers to click through to the desired landing page. This tactic allowed for some of their highest click through rates historically.


Within the campaign some of the cruise lines where pushed more than others in order to meet sales targets.


These key cruise lines each had their own infographic for a particular ship within their fleet. They showed key facts in a fun and engaging way and proved very successful across social media.

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